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Reasons We Love novoQ® All Natural Briquettes!

Many are delighted by novoQ® All Natural Briquettes Charcoal products such as novoQ® All Natural BBQBRIQ™, and these are the few reasons why:

1. Truly All Natural Briquette Charcoal !
novoQ® All Natural Briquettes are made from only natural wood Charcoal and a small percentage of all natural food-grade vegetable starch binder.

Most other Briquettes Charcoal products in the market are made from wood scraps, chemicals, coal(anthracite, lignite etc) and other fillers. Not Ours! No chemicals, clay or fillers/coals such as anthracite, lignite are used in manufacturing novoQ® Briquettes.

Thus, novoQ® All Natural Briquettes burn cleaner and give you the true Charcoal BBQ experience!.

2. Less Ash, consistent and even High Heat !
novoQ® All Natural Briquettes produce lesser amount of ashes when burned, compared to most brands of Briquettes in the market now. novoQ® Briquettes also give consistent and even high heat to make sure your food is thoroughly and evenly cooked. Deliciously the way you wanted it!

3. Long Lasting Charcoal !
These premium quality novoQ® Briquettes will burn great and last long through your BBQ, thus giving you value for money and also less hassle topping up the Charcoal.

4. Good-Sized Charcoal
With novoQ® durable and quality Briquettes, you can be assured that you are buying high quality and good sized Charcoal!

5. You can Re-use novoQ® All Natural Briquettes Charcoal
novoQ® All Natural Briquettes can be put out and used again, so you do not waste any Charcoal.

6. Consistent Great Performance!
novoQ® All Natural Briquettes give you the consistent great performance everytime you grill.

With these advantages, it's easy to see why it's a joy to use novoQ® All Natural Briquettes products for all your grilling/barbecue/cooking purposes. Try novoQ® All Natural BBQBRIQ™ today!

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